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Welcome to our new website!


We are proud to announce the release of our newly redesigned website. The site was created with our customers in mind to be more user-friendly and easier to navigate. We hope the streamlined appearance and improved content organization makes it easier for you to find information you need. On the homepage you can find following components: Top navigation menu What We Do DGSD news Government Wastewater Treatment Center Biosolids Educational…


DGSD now accepts used cooking oil from residents


The District is now partnering with SCARCE, a local environmental non-profit organization, to be a permanent collection site for their cooking oil recycling program after the overwhelming turnout at the post-Thanksgiving cooking oil collection. The program encourages DuPage County residents to recycle their used cooking oil instead of pouring it down the drain or disposing of it in the garbage. As a permanent collection site, residents can bring their used…


District renames Autopay program to EasyPay


To help make it more clear to our customers, the District’s free automatic payment program has been renamed ‘EasyPay’. The online billing portal will continue to have a separate automatic payment option that includes a fee. If you are already enrolled in either program, you do not need to do anything – this is just notice of a name change. With EasyPay, your bill is automatically paid directly from your…

Sewer Problems? Call (630) 969-0664
Our technicians are available at all hours to help you.

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