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The Downers Grove Sanitary District was organized in 1921 under the State of Illinois Sanitary District Act of 1917. Originally, our treatment facilities were located on Curtiss Street at what is now the site of Sterling North Park in Downers Grove. In 1954, we began construction of the existing Wastewater Treatment Center on our property on Walnut Avenue, just south of the Burlington railroad tracks, and were able to eliminate the original plant. We have made improvements to the plant on numerous occasions, including major expansions in the early 1970s and again in the late 1980s.

We have accepted expansions of our sewer system as development has occurred. We have records of sewers dating back to 1904 that continue to operate satisfactorily.

What We Do

DGSD Celebrates 100 Year Anniversary

Join us as we take a look back over the District’s first 100 years.

Service Area Map

We provide sanitary sewer service for most of the Village of Downers Grove, part of the Village of Westmont (the portion west of Cass Avenue), and portions of Woodridge, Lisle, Oak Brook, and Darien.

We Have Multiple Locations In Downers Grove

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DGSD Staff Members | View the DGSD Board Members

Our dedicated staff is responsible for administration, operation, and maintenance of the utility. Key staff members are:

  • Amy Underwood, P.E.

    General Manager

  • Carly Shaw

    Administrative Supervisor

  • Reese Berry

    Pretreatment/Lab Supervisor

  • Keith Shaffner

    Sewer Construction Supervisor

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Sewer Problems? Call (630) 969-0664
Our technicians are available at all hours to help you.

Contact Information

2710 Curtiss Street
Downers Grove, Illinois 60515-0703

Phone: (630) 969-0664
Fax: (630) 969-0827

Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

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