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District performs Warren Ave. sewer lining rehabilitation project


Beginning on the evening of Friday, Aug. 2, the District will start rehabilitation of approximately 1,550 feet of aging mainline sanitary sewer located in the road of Warren Avenue in downtown Downers Grove. The District will be employing a state-of-the-art trenchless sewer rehabilitation technique called ‘Cured in Place Pipe’ where an epoxy-laden felt liner is inserted into the existing pipe, and heat-cured in place, using the existing pipe as the exterior form for the new pipe. A new seamless sewer pipe can be installed without the disruption of digging a large trench to remove and replace the old sewer.

The first portion of sewer rehabilitation will start at the intersection of Warren Ave. and Elm Street and go west on Warren till manhole in front of 936 Warren Ave. See map below for reference.

Equipment will be set up over the manhole at Warren Ave. and Elm Street, and over the manhole on the south side of Warren Ave. in front of 936 Warren Ave. Bypass pumping equipment will also be set up in the manholes at Elm and Rogers Street.

The lining of the second section of the project is tentatively scheduled for the following weekend (Friday, Aug. 9 and Saturday, Aug.10) with setups at 936 Warren Ave. and the west entrance driveway for the train platform on the north side of the tracks.

This work will be done by Insituform under contract with the Downers Grove Sanitary District. Signs will be posted adjacent to the work area prior to beginning the work.

If you have any questions or concerns about the project, please contact our office.

Sewer Problems? Call (630) 969-0664
Our technicians are available at all hours to help you.

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