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District performs sanitary sewer replacement on Chicago Ave. in Westmont


Project Completed 10/28/16: The replacement of the sanitary sewers on Chicago Avenue has been completed. Pavement restoration has been completed and landscape restoration will be completed next week.

Beginning on Monday, Oct. 24, the District will replace the public sanitary sewer main that is located in the south shoulder of W. Chicago Avenue in Westmont. The replacement will begin with the sanitary sewer manhole that is located in N. Washington Street in line with the south edge of W. Chicago Avenue. The replacement will go from this starting manhole to the next sanitary sewer manhole located approximately 303 ft. to the east. Click here to view a map of the construction area.

This replacement is due to reoccurring maintenance issues on this sewer line.

This work is being done by UNO Construction Company, under contract with the Downers Grove Sanitary District.

It is anticipated that the installation of the new pipe should be done in three days and final restoration of the pavement in the street and driveways should be done within a week after the pipe installation is completed. The shoulder of the road and any removed roadway pavement and driveway crossings will be restored to the Village of Westmont requirements.

Please note, it will be necessary to close the road while the work is being done and driveways within this work zone will not be accessible while the work is taking place. If you live on this street, please move you cars out of the work zone before 7 a.m. or you may blocked in until access is restored at the end of the day. Access to the street and driveways will be restored at the end of each day.

If you have any questions or concerns about the project, please contact our office.

Sewer Problems? Call (630) 969-0664
Our technicians are available at all hours to help you.

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