Downers Grove Sanitary District


The wastewater collected by the Downers Grove Sanitary District is treated at the Wastewater Treatment Center. The facility treats to a tertiary level of purification, with nitrification.

For a detailed diagram of the Downers Grove Sanitary District's Wastewater Treatment Center Process, please click the link below.

Diagram of Wastewater Treatment Center Process

Virtual Tour of our Wastewater Treatment Center Click for More Detail

The Wastewater Treatment Center Virtual Tour is presented in Microsoft's Powerpoint format, and may not work in all browsers. We plan to re-format and update the tour in the future.

Annual Open House   Click for More Detail

Each year, we sponsor an open house at our Wastewater Treatment Center. We host hundreds of guests, including scout troops, school groups, environmental advocates, local officials and any interested public. Guided tours of our facility are provided. We are proud to demonstrate how the treatment process works, and even include the chance to see the native fish that thrive in our treated effluent.

Our open house is held the first Saturday of October each year.

View pictures from this year's open house.

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We provide tours of the facility year-round for interested groups. We strongly encourage teachers in the area to consider tours of the facility as a memorable enhancement to a wide variety of thematic teaching units. Tours of the facility can be arranged by contacting us at our office in Downers Grove, Illinois.

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